jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

7 things I believe we need to do to grow MMA and Mobile Marketing


First of all, thanks for coming to my candidacy page.

I have built this page to elaborate why I'm asking for your support and your vote in the next MMA EMEA Board elections.

I am Salvador Carrillo (although most of the people call me Salva and my mum and my grandma even call me Salvita. But in case you meet me, Salva will be ok ;). I'm the CEO of Mobile Dreams Factory, a company founded in 2004 with two business lines:

1. In the Brand Services area, we work with blue chip brands (Coca-Cola, MINI, IKEA, Procter, Sony, etc) to help them to build relations with their consumers in mobile through strategy, creativity and technology. We have been highly awarded (11 Mobile Marketing Awards, 1 Eurobest and the 2010 Gold Lion in Cannes for the best mobile marketing campaign with IKEA).

In the Operator and Media services we work with Operators and Media Groups providing them technology and creating media services to help them to monetize their audiences through Mobile Advertising.

You can see more of what we do here.

As you can see, we are familiar with the major part of the mobile marketing and advertising ecosystem and that gives us an understanding of the needs and challenges Mobile Marketing has today and in the near future: for brands, operators, technology companies, media...

Regarding my work in the MMA, I joined in 2005 being one of the founders of the MMA Spanish chapter. I have been Chairman of MMA Spain and also member of its board since the beginning. In 2008, I became a member of the EMEA Board and in 2009 I was elected by the EMEA Board as treasurer of MMA EMEA and member of the Global Executive Board.

During this time, I have personally attended all board meetings, working to grow the organization and helping to make it stronger in Europe. Furthermore, Mobile Dreams is among the TOP 10 contributors regarding the Committees Participation in the MMA.

Despite the major efforts done in the last months, I believe there is still a lot of work to do. And this is why I'm running for the election again:

1. If we want to grow the Mobile Marketing market, we must demonstrate our capacity to provide value to our members because in the last 2 years, MMA sometimes has failed in most of the European countries to provide real value. The way to achieve this is by working out a concrete action plan, agreed with the different countries, looking for synergies amongst all the EMEA local chapters.

2. Decentralisation of MMA decisions outside the United States, giving to EMEA a more relevant role in the MMA Strategy because we are probably as big as the US market is.

3. More balanced distribution of the financial resources, according to the quantity of memberships and the revenues generated for each region.

4. More independency to implement MMA Strategy for the local chapters and a general manager paid for by MMA Global for those countries having more than 30 members. Only the members of each country know the needs of that country in terms of priorities, research, etc. We need to have a global strategy but it has to be implemented locally.

5. Specific work and measures to empower members relations and networking in order to provide business opportunities to all the members outside their countries.

6. Invest much more in research because this is the best way to evangelize how fantastic this medium is.

7. Create a system for all members not being part of the board and decision centers voice their opinion, complaints and suggestions forthe Board Members.

If you think this program can help the MMA and the Mobile Marketing Industry, I would ask you for your vote and your support. In case you don´t agree, thank you for coming and visitingmy page – I would be happy to get your input on what the MMA needs to do in your opionion!